15 Best Rs 500 Refer and Earn Apps in India 2024 [Without Investment]

With the advantage of refer and earn apps in India, it has become increasingly popular to refer friends and family to a particular app and earn rewards and money. Referrers and referred users both benefit from these apps. Referrers earn rewards or money, while referred users get to use a new app and explore its features. In this article, we gonna look into Best Rs 500 Refer and Earn Apps

The Indian market has seen a surge in demand for refer and earn apps. Offering everything from online shopping and bill payments to gaming and entertainment, these apps have something for everyone. This article will help guide you to the 15 Best Refer and Earn Rs 500, so you can take advantage of them to make extra money or try out new things. Every app we focus on will be simple and user-friendly, provide generous rewards, and boast satisfied users.

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Refer And Earn Why Do They Give Money For Refer?

In referral marketing, existing customers are encouraged to refer their friends, family, or colleagues to a business or product. This is typically done by offering incentives or rewards for each successful referral.

A referral marketing strategy works because people tend to trust recommendations from their friends and family more than traditional advertising. In a cost-effective marketing strategy, referrals tend to result in higher conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs.

In comparison to other methods of promoting a product, referral marketing is regarded as highly cost-effective. Referral marketing does not require upfront payment, as an incentive is only provided after a purchase is made, unlike traditional advertising. Due to the direct correlation between the cost and the sales generated through the referral program, it results in a high return on investment (ROI) over time.

The Popularity of Refer and Earn Increases Day By Day

Referrals work so well because people tend to trust the recommendations and opinions of their friends and family more than traditional advertising. Due to the concept of social proof, people are more likely to act on information if they see other people do the same. It is hard to replicate the sense of trust and credibility that comes with a recommendation by a friend or family member when it comes to marketing.

Referrals are often associated with high conversion and retention rates, as it is likely that the referred customer has a genuine interest in the product or service. This is because their referrer will have recommended something they think would be of use to the person, bringing forth a more specific audience. Moreover, referral marketing offers businesses an opportunity to tap into an extensive network of potential customers, potentially leading to increased engagement through subsequent referrals.

15 Best Rs 500 Refer and Earn Apps

You can track your transactions, referrals, and earnings with the convenience of a convenient dashboard with some of the top-rated refer and earn apps available right now in India. We have carefully selected the best refer and earn apps in India based on extensive research, making sure they are all safe and legal.

Rs 500 Refer and Earn AppsReferral AmountDownload Link
1. Google Pay₹200Download Google Pay
2. Amazon Pay₹20Download Amazon Pay
3. PhonePe₹100Download PhonePe
4. Paytm Money₹400Download Paytm Money
5. Upstox₹200Download Upstox
6. ySense10% Lifetime Commission on Referral EarningDownload ySense
7. IIFL₹500Download IIFL
8. CreditMantri₹100Download CreditMantri
9. CRED₹1000Download CRED
10. Taskbucks ₹10Download Taskbucks 
11. Roz Dhan₹50Download Roz Dhan
12. Kuberjee Gramin₹50Download Kuberjee Gramin
13. MobiKwik₹75Download MobiKwik
14. WinZO₹50Download WinZO
15. Zupee₹100Download Zupee

1. Google Pay

Google Pay, previously referred to as Tez is a mobile payment service designed specifically for Indian users. It enables users to do financial transactions easily from their mobile phones. There are numerous ways for users to transfer money from one account to another, and this amazing app has made it easier than ever to transfer money.

People opt for Google Pay because users can earn scratch cards for every Rs.150 transaction they make. Users can use the scratch card to win rewards, and the rewards are added to their bank account. Also, Google Pay offers an excellent referral and earning scheme that changes from time to time. Usually, the referral commission amount ranges from Rs.150 to Rs.180 per referral. They used to pay Rs.201 for a referral.

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2. Amazon Pay

As part of Amazon Pay’s referral program, you can earn Rs. 75 cashback into your Amazon Pay account if a friend registers through your link and completes their first Amazon Pay transaction. In addition, your friend will also receive Rs. Rs. 125 in their account. Terms and conditions apply to this referral program.

In addition to knowing whether the person you refer to Amazon Pay already has an Amazon UPI account, it is important to know that if the first transaction fails or if they already have an Amazon Pay account, you will not receive payment. The first transaction must be completed by them, which means making a payment.

3. PhonePe

This refers and earn app boasts a user-friendly interface that allows you to transfer money from your bank account to any other account in a matter of seconds. You can make a variety of payments using this app, including bank transfers, bill payments, in-app purchases, investments, and gold purchases.

This app pays you Rs.125 in your PhonePe wallet for every successful referral, and you can transfer your referral earnings within seconds without any hassle.

4. Paytm Money

In order to use the app, you must first open an account with the Paytm app. Then you need to use the same login credentials to log into the Paytm Money software. In order to participate actively in the market, you must follow KYC requirements. The best part of it is that their brokerage is fixed, but relatively low, making it appealing to speculators and day traders. It has a good referral program and an attractive pricing structure. If you are new to investing and have little or no experience with the stock market, Paytm Money is the perfect place to start.

5. Upstox

The Upstox app allows users to trade shares and mutual funds in the Indian capital markets. It also has a referral program that allows users to earn rewards by sharing their referral codes with their friends.  After completing the formalities, Upstox offers a referral commission of 200 rupees to each participant who opens a trading account. The commission is credited to the referrer’s account after the first referral.

6. Ysense

ySense is another option for Rs 500 Refer and Earn Apps in India as it offers users the opportunity to complete surveys by referring others to their website or app. One of the best things about ySense is that there are no fees for participating in surveys or playing games. Taking surveys, completing offers, viewing ads, referring friends, and more are examples of ways users can earn money on ySense. It is also possible for users to earn money on ySense by watching videos, signing up for various websites, and downloading apps.


In the Indian Capital Markets, IIFL Securities is a leading stockbroker. They have a referral program for existing customers that encourages them to promote their services. They provide their users with equity delivery trading for free, which means no brokerage fees, but all other trading activities cost Rs.20.

Their referral program is quite lucrative, as they pay Rs.500 for every successful referral. In order to receive a gift voucher, you must open a demat account, download the app, and begin trading within 60 days of the voucher being credited. You do not receive payment until the referred person opens a demat account, downloads the app, and begins trading.

8. CreditMantri

It gives its users Rs.100 Paytm cash if they refer three friends successfully. A significant function of the app is that it helps you check your credit score and improve your credit score. By using this app, users are able to compare the loan details from different providers and choose the one that offers the lowest interest rate. It allows users to bring the eligible loan amount and give it.

There is no limit to the number of invites you can send, which means you have great earning potential with them. They make it pretty easy for you to sign up as you only need to enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP, fill out your details, and then you’re ready to refer friends and earn money.

9. Cred

Cred is a popular app that allows users to pay and manage their credit cards, as well as monitor expenses and keep track of transactions. As one of the best refers and earn apps, it rewards users for paying their credit cards on time with points, which can be exchanged for a variety of items within the app. Cred helps you identify any unnecessary deductions from your account that you would have missed otherwise, in addition to its payment and tracking features. Referrals earn 10 cred coins, which can be used to redeem Amazon, Flipkart, and Uber gift vouchers worth Rs. 1000, 500, and 150, respectively.

10. TaskBucks

It is one of the oldest and most reputable refer and earn apps which was established back in 2015 and is one of the best ways to earn money online since it offers so many ways to earn money. With this app, you can earn money by completing quizzes, installing apps, playing games, completing small tasks, inviting friends & earning referral rewards, and earning free money from Paytm.

The app supports both iOS and Android operating systems, so you can start earning right away. They also have a good referral program. All you need to do is refer your friends, and if they join TaskBucks, you get paid Rs.25.

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11. RozDhan

This app has been renowned since 2018, offering free Paytm cash to its users for watching videos, playing games, reading articles, and referring to friends. The entertainment content they provide is a daily variety and includes both viral videos and trending articles. Upon signing up you’ll receive Rs.50 plus Rs.30 for free with your first-time login; however, an account balance of at least Rs.200 must be held before redeeming these funds. Moreover, for every successful referral, you are rewarded Rs.12 in your RozDhan wallet, plus when said friend or family makes a payment through RozDhan you get money too! Lastly, the money can be withdrawn quickly via Paytm or UPI.

12. Kuberjee Gramin

You can earn cash back for making bill payments, recharging your phone, and so on with this app, rather than just referring and earning. In addition to shopping, buying, booking bus tickets, and paying for many service bills, Cubber is an online multi-purpose and socioeconomic payment app.

As a multi-purpose online payment platform, this app was launched in 2016 by the D&K group. In order to use this app, you must first download it. After downloading the app, fill out the details such as your mobile number, name, password, email address, and referral code, and you’re good to go. You can start referring your friends and earn Rs.50 per referral.

13. Mobikwik

In addition to transferring money online, paying bills, recharging, and investing in digital gold, stock markets and mutual funds, it is a payment app that enables users to do many different things. As a part of their referral and earn program, they offer Rs.50 as a signup bonus and Rs.20 for every referral you send. You will also get Rs. 100 cashback when you refer your friends to transfer your MobiKwik wallet to your bank.

For using this one of the best refer and earn money apps, just download it on your phone, create an account using your mobile number, link your bank account, and set up a UPI pin.

14. Winzo

In this game, users can play and win exciting prizes and rewards. In addition to fantasy cards, arcade games, casual, racing, action, and many more, they offer over 70 games for you to choose from. In order to win this one of the best refer and earn apps, the player must participate in a tournament or challenge and answer all questions correctly in the shortest amount of time.

You can earn Rs.100 per referral who joins the network via your link. The more referrals you refer, the more you earn. There is a minimum withdrawal limit of Rs.3.

15. Zupee

Players can choose from a wide variety of topics and play tournaments with other players on this app, earning real money. The topic categories include Sports, Math, Hollywood, Bollywood, Hinglish, Capital, etc. You can take challenges and answer simple questions in the shortest amount of time to win the contest.

The first thing you need to do is download the app and sign up by providing your mobile number. As soon as you sign up, they provide you with a bonus of Rs.10, as well as a list of basic details like your name, email address, and bank account number. If you recommend the app to your friends, you get Rs.10 as well.

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FAQs: Rs 500 Refer and Earn Apps

1. What is earning through referrals?

Referral marketing helps businesses promote their products and services to potential customers. In this case, the customers are referred by already existing people on the network and act as effective marketing tools.

2. Is this a real way to make money?

There is no way the customer can make vast sums of money using this method. Referrers are usually paid a promotional amount that acts as an incentive rather than as a primary means of making an income. However, these best refer and earn apps are a great way to supplement your primary earning in a fun way, so it is advised not to rely on earnings for expenses.

3. How often do the apps work?

Referral marketing has the advantage that the benefits to users vary depending on the period under consideration. Consequently, the apps do work, but their payouts vary depending on how well the system is promoted.

4. How often do the apps work?

Referral marketing has the advantage that the benefits to users vary depending on the period under consideration. Consequently, the apps do work, but their payouts vary depending on how well the system is promoted.
Today, a large number of businesses use the referral system to market their products and services. To make money with this method, you must use as many products as possible that rely on the referral system for marketing. Then the small sums of money you get from getting add up to a substantial amount of money.

Writer’s Opinion on Rs 500 Refer and Earn Apps

Rs 500 Refer and Earn Apps are becoming increasingly popular in India as they provide a winning situation for both parties involved. This article lists some of the most preferred and dependable apps, based on user feedback and ratings, that can be used with ease to gain rewards and cash. Whether you are seeking discounts on your purchases or hoping to make money through referrals, these apps offer reliable solutions. So, give them a try.

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