How To Delete Dream11 Account?

In addition to fantasy cricket, Dream11 also offers fantasy hockey, football, kabaddi, handball, basketball, volleyball, rugby, futsal, American football, and baseball. If you looking for a way how to delete Dream11 Account. Then you are at the right article. Here in this article, we are gonna discuss the best method using which you can Delete your Dream11 Account.

What is The Dream11 App?

Users of the fantasy sports website Dream11 can assemble teams of real-life athletes to compete against other users in a variety of sports, including hockey, football, basketball, kabaddi, and cricket. Users of the software can build their own virtual teams by choosing players from actual teams. Teams of users compete against one another based on their total number of points won. Points are awarded to participants based on their performance in actual matches.

Since its founding in 2008 in India, Dream11 has grown to become quite well-known there as well as in other nations. It is regarded as one of the top fantasy sports platforms in the world and has alliances with numerous teams and leagues of athletes. Users can take part in paid competitions to earn actual cash rewards.

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Why Would Someone Want to Delete Their Dream11 Account?

One can desire to remove their Dream11 account for a number of reasons. Here are a few potential explanations:

  • 1. Loss of interest in fantasy sports: The user might no longer be interested in fantasy sports and contests on Dream11.
  • 2. Personal reasons: The user may choose to deactivate their account for personal reasons, such as time or money constraints or a shift in priorities.
  • 3. Data privacy issues: The user could desire to deactivate their account in order to remove their personal information from the platform due to data privacy issues.
  • 4. Unsatisfactory experience: The user may desire to remove their account due to a negative experience they had with Dream11, such as poor customer service or technical difficulties.
  • 5. Alternative platforms: The user may no longer want to utilize Dream11 because they have discovered a platform they prefer.

The user will not be able to recover any of their data or account balance after deleting their Dream11 account, which should be understood to be a permanent move. Therefore, before deleting their account, people should carefully analyze their motivations.

How to Delete Dream11 Account?

  • 1. Launch the Dream11 application or website and sign into your account.
  • 2. In the bottom right corner of the screen, select the “More” tab.
  • 3. From the list of choices, choose “Settings”.
  • 4. Click the “Deactivate Account” button at the bottom of the screen after swiping down from the top.
  • 5. A request to provide a reason for cancelling your account will appear. Click the “Deactivate” button after choosing the relevant justification.
  • 6. A confirmation message confirming that your account has been deactivated will show up on the screen.
  • 7. You must get in touch with the Dream11 customer support team via email or their contact page if you want to permanently remove your account. Request that your account be permanently deleted by providing your registered email address.
  • 8. Following that, the support staff will start the account deletion procedure and notify you through email when it is finished.

Observe: Permanent deletion of your Dream11 account will erase all of your account information, including your virtual teams, transactions, and account balance. Once the account deletion process is over, you won’t be able to reactivate your account or get any of the erased data back. If you still have money in your account after it has been deleted, it will be forfeited and cannot be returned.

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Is it Possible to Delete the Dream11 Account on a Temporary Basis?

Unfortunately, Dream11 does not offer a temporary deactivation option for user accounts. However, you can choose to simply stop using your account by not logging in or participating in any contests. If you wish to use your account again in the future, you can log in and resume using the platform. Alternatively, you can choose to delete your Dream11 account permanently if you no longer wish to use the platform. Please refer to my previous response for instructions on how to permanently delete your Dream11 account.

What is the Difference Between Temporary Deletion and Permanent Deletion of a Dream11 Account?

The primary distinction between temporarily deactivating and permanently deleting a Dream11 account is that the former involves the account’s temporary suspension, whereas the latter involves the account’s elimination altogether.

The user can revive their account at any time by logging back in once their account has been temporarily deactivated. The user’s data, including their virtual teams, transactions, and account balance, are all preserved during the deactivation time. Users who wish to take a vacation from using Dream11 but intend to return to the platform in the future may find that temporary deactivation is a good alternative.

The user’s account is permanently removed from the site and all of their data, including virtual teams, transactions, and account balance, are erased and cannot be recovered in the case of permanent deletion. The user won’t be able to retrieve any of the erased data after the account has been permanently deleted, nor will they be able to restart it. Users who no longer wish to use Dream11 and do not intend to do so in the future may find that permanent deletion is the best solution.

It is significant to note that the user has the ability to delete their Dream11 account permanently as well as temporarily, and the procedure is simple. Users are advised to give their decision great thought before acting, as deleting an account is a permanent action and the data cannot be recovered after the account is removed.

Data Privacy Implications of Having a Dream11 Account and How Deleting an Account May Impact the User’s Data-

Having a Dream11 account can affect your data privacy in a number of ways. A user must enter personal data including their name, email address, phone number, and date of birth while setting up an account on the Dream11 platform. The program also gathers information on the user’s transactions, virtual teams, and account balances. This information is used for analytics, to deliver personalized content, and to target specific advertisements.

To prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, and destruction of user data, Dream11 implements the necessary security measures. However, there is always a chance that user data may be compromised due to data breaches. User data, including email addresses, phone numbers, and account information, may become available to unauthorized third parties in the case of a data breach.

Users’ data will be permanently deleted from Dream11 if they choose to delete their accounts. As a result, all user data, virtual teams, transactions, and account balances will be destroyed and lost forever. It is crucial to remember that before being permanently destroyed, the user’s data can still be present in Dream11’s backup systems for a little period of time. Furthermore, even after the user’s Dream11 account has been terminated, any third-party services that the user may have permitted access to their data may still have access to it.

In general, users should be aware of the implications having a Dream11 account has for their data privacy and take the necessary precautions to secure it. Users should be advised that deleting their Dream11 account would permanently wipe all of their data and render it unrecoverable. It is advised that people give their decision to delete their accounts some thought before acting.

How to Contact Dream11 Customer Support if the User Has Any Issues While Deleting Their Account

Users can ask for assistance from the Dream11 customer care service if they run into any problems while deactivating their Dream11 account. To get in touch with Dream11 customer care, follow these steps:

  • 1. Launch the Dream11 application or website and sign into your account.
  • 2. Select the ‘Profile’ icon located in the top left corner of the screen.
  • 3. Click the drop-down menu and choose ‘Help and Support’.
  • 4. Select the ‘Contact Us link by swiping it down.
  • 5. Choose the category that best describes your problem, then click “Submit.”
  • 6. Complete the contact form by entering your name, email address, and a thorough explanation of your problem.
  • 7. Press ‘Submit’ to send your question to the Dream11 customer care team.

Alternatively, you can also contact Dream11 customer support through their social media handles or email. The social media handles are available on their website and the email address for customer support is

It is recommended that users provide as much detail as possible while contacting customer support to ensure a quick and effective resolution to their issue.

Alternatives to Dream11 for Fantasy Sports Enthusiasts Who Might be Looking for a New Platform to Use

For fantasy sports fans seeking a new platform to use, there are a number of alternatives to Dream11. Here are a few of the well-known ones:

  • 1. MyTeam11: Fantasy cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, and kabaddi are all available on this well-liked sports website in India. Users can enter a variety of contests and leagues on the platform to compete for cash prizes.
  • 2. FanFight: Another well-known fantasy sports website in India, FanFight offers fantasy basketball, kabaddi, football, and cricket. The website offers daily contests and leagues in a variety of contest styles, such as head-to-head, grand league, and minor league.
  • 3. MPL (Mobile Premier League): MPL is a mobile gaming app that provides fantasy basketball, kabaddi, football, and cricket. The website provides a selection of leagues and competitions, such as practice competitions, head-to-head competitions, and mega competitions, and awards cash rewards to winners.
  • 4. BalleBaazi: This fantasy sports website offers fantasy baseball, basketball, football, and cricket. The portal includes daily contests and leagues and several contest styles, such as classic, batting, bowling, and reverse fantasy.
  • 5. HalaPlay: HalaPlay is a website that offers fantasy football, kabaddi, and cricket. The website provides a selection of leagues and competitions, including mega leagues, local leagues, and head-to-head competitions, and awards cash rewards to winners.

These are just a few of the popular alternatives to Dream11 for fantasy sports enthusiasts. Users can explore these platforms and find the one that best suits their needs and preferences.

Final Thoughts or Tips for Users Who Are Considering Deleting Their Dream11 Account

Before making any decisions, users should carefully consider the repercussions of deleting their Dream11 accounts. Although there are a variety of reasons why a user might want to delete their account, including privacy concerns, addiction, or simply losing interest in the platform, it’s crucial to remember that once an account is deleted, the user’s data will be permanently removed from the site and cannot be recovered.

Before beginning the deletion process, users who are thinking about deleting their Dream11 account should make sure they have withdrawn their account balance and cancelled any existing subscriptions. Users should also be advised that their data may, for a brief time, remain in Dream11’s backup systems.

Users who are having trouble cancelling their Dream11 accounts can get help from the customer care staff. When calling customer service, it is advised that users be as specific as possible to guarantee a swift and efficient resolution to their problems.

Users should, in light of the foregoing, carefully assess the ramifications of deleting their Dream11 account and take the necessary precautions to safeguard their data. If they are no longer interested in using Dream11, they can look into alternative fantasy sports services.

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