Best Fantasy Apps To Play World Cup in India 2024

As the Fantasy Cricket market grows in India and more players join in, you have a wide range of options at your disposal. Fantasy cricket apps have exploded in popularity as a result of the increased demand, giving users like you –who enjoy playing World Cup cricket, T20 matches, IPLs, etc. — a wide variety of options to choose from.

Here are the Best Fantasy Apps To Play World Cup 2023. We’re going to show you some of the best fantasy cricket apps that will provide the best and most complete experience possible. You can also make money playing these games, while they’re fun and entertaining.

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Best Fantasy Apps To Play World Cup

Fantasy AppsReferral BonusDownload Link
1. My11 Circle₹551Download My11 Circle
2. Dream11up to ₹6000Download Dream11
3. Vision11₹100+20% Lifetime CommissionDownload Vision11
4. MPL₹75Download MPL
5. MyTeam11₹100Download MyTeam11
6. BalleBaazi ₹100Download BalleBaazi 
7. FanFight₹100Download FanFight
8. 11 Wickets₹50Download 11 Wickets
9. Halaplay₹100Download Halaplay
10. Paytm First Games₹600Download Paytm First Games
11. Howzat₹100 Download Howzat
12. Nostra Pro ₹100Download Nostra Pro
13. Real11up to ₹5000 Download Real11
14. Playerzpot  ₹100Download Playerzpot  
15. LeagueX ₹100Download LeagueX

1. My11 Circle

With Sourav Ganguly as its brand ambassador, Rashid Khan and Shane Watson as its brand ambassadors, My11 Circle is the most trusted and safest Fantasy Apps To Play World Cup. As one of the best fantasy cricket apps available on both Android and iOS devices, it offers you the best fantasy cricket game possible as well as a great experience. This app has some amazing features, such as a low withdrawal limit, a lucrative referral program, and a big prize pool.

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2. Dream11

When thinking about the Best Fantasy Apps To Play World Cup, the first name that comes to mind is Dream11. With over 11 crore users in India, Dream11 is the most popular fantasy game in the country. Dream11 Fantasy Sports Pvt Ltd, a renowned brand when it comes to creating sports content for various sports leagues around the world including the Indian Premier League, developed it. It provides you with a great user interface along with many amazing features such as a huge prize pool, a variety of sports, private contests, daily offers, promo codes, etc.

3. Vision11

In addition to being a top fantasy app, Vision11 is an Indian gaming and fantasy sports website where users can play fantasy sports games and win real money through the performance of their virtual teams. It features popular sports including cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball and has been popular in India thanks to its captivating gameplay, thrilling competitions, and alluring prizes. Numerous sports leagues and teams have partnered with Vision11. Overall it’s one of the best Fantasy Apps To Play World Cup in our opinion.

4. MPI

MPL has become India’s fastest-growing fantasy sports platform, growing to one crore users in just 7–8 months since its inception. There are contests for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. You can also compete against friends to earn bragging rights and the thrill of victory.

Using your mobile number, install the MPL app, and select Fantasy Cricket. After you’ve done that, a list of future cricket matches will appear for you to choose from. You can choose an upcoming game featuring your favourite team from the Indian T20 League or any other league and start assembling your fantasy team.

5. MyTeam11

You should download MyTeam11 if you’re looking for a cricket app that has all the different sports under one umbrella. With instant withdrawals, different modes such as Safe and Regular Play, a big daily prize pool, a lucrative referral program, and much more, the app comes with some amazing features. Users can join up to ten teams in a single competition, increasing their chances of winning, making this one of the Best Fantasy Apps To Play World Cup 2023 available in nine different languages.

6. BalleBaazi

This is another Best Fantasy Apps To Play World Cup that you should consider downloading if you’re looking for something different. It features many stunning features, but what makes BalleBaazi one of the best cricket fantasy apps in India is that users can choose to choose either Bowling Fantasy (picking five bowlers who users believe will pick the most wickets in a match) or Batting Fantasy (picking five batsmen who users believe will score the most runs in a match).

7. FanFight

This Fantasy Apps To Play World Cup is available for both Android and iPhone devices. It is easy to use, making it a good choice for beginners. In addition to creating teams and participating in live contests, the app offers an auction mode and league mode so both beginners and advanced players can participate. It has both a league mode for group play as well as an auction mode.

Using FanFight, you can create teams and compete against other users for prizes. Among the top 10 fantasy cricket apps in India, it offers 20X more winnings and 100% usable extra cash, making it one of the best ways to learn the game and improve your knowledge while having fun.

8. 11Wickets

It is also one of the Best Fantasy Apps to Play World Cup and has become extremely popular in India, with more than 30 lakh users per year. 11 Wickets also offers football, baseball, basketball, and kabaddi. As one of the best fantasy gaming apps in India, it features the unique feature of ‘Select Your Substitute’, which allows players to replace a player who is performing poorly.

9. Halaplay

The Halaplay cricket app is one of the most popular fantasy cricket apps in India. It uses machine learning and data analytics to help users analyse their playing methods and improve their skills. Users can play daily or weekly matches, create leagues and decide on winning criteria, and compare their performance to other users using the user interface.

10. First Games

Paytm First Games is part of the leading digital payment and financial service company in India. It ranks among the Best Fantasy Apps To Play World Cup 2023. Players can compete online for cash rewards, in-app currency is redeemable for various offers and deals, and a variety of great features set it apart as the best fantasy cricket app available. In addition to cricket, there are multiple games to choose from: multi-player contests, trivia quizzes, generous payouts, a rewarding referral program and more – with prizes extending up to ₹ 5 crores daily.

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11. Howzat

With some unique features, this app makes it into the Top Fantasy Cricket App list. It is quite intuitive, so you don’t have to spend too much time learning the interface and playing. Despite the fact that it has all the basic features of any fantasy cricket app, what sets it apart is its unique scoring system, which makes playing fantasy cricket online a thrilling and enjoyable experience.

12.  Nostra Pro Fantasy App

There is a distinctive twist to fantasy sports games with the popular prediction-based fantasy sports software Nostra Pro. Users can predict the results of live games in many sports, such as basketball, football, and cricket. By answering a series of questions about the current matches, users can demonstrate their sports expertise and forecasting abilities.

With its alluring incentives and leaderboard rankings, Nostra Pro gives the prediction-based game format a competitive edge. Its user-friendly interface and real-time updates make for a dynamic and interesting gaming experience. If you’re a sports fan or a fan of difficult predictions, Nostra Pro offers you a chance to test your prescience and win big prizes.

13. Real11

Real11 is an innovative fantasy sports app that has gained recognition in the gaming industry. Thanks to its distinctive services and user-friendly design, Real11 offers sports fans a fun platform to build their fantasy teams and participate in various sports leagues, including cricket, football, basketball, and more. A realistic and engaging gameplay experience is guaranteed by the app’s extensive feature set, which includes player selection, leadership options, and live match updates.

14. Playerzpot

Through its captivating features and fun gameplay, Playerzpot has captured the attention of the gaming community. On Playerzpot, sports fans can create their own fantasy teams and participate in leagues for all kinds of sports, including basketball, football, cricket, and more. A seamless user experience is provided by the app’s user-friendly layout and in-app match updates.

Because Playerzpot offers a wide range of features, such as player selection, leadership opportunities, and multiple contest options, it is a popular fantasy gaming alternative. As a result of its alluring rewards and cash prizes, Playerzpot provides users with an exciting platform for testing sports knowledge and strategic skills while competing against other players.

15. LeagueX

In addition to player selection, leadership options, and live match updates, LeagueX’s extensive feature set ensures an engaging and realistic gameplay experience. As a result of LeagueX’s tempting incentives and cash prizes, competition and excitement are enhanced. Whether you’re a casual sports fan or a seasoned fantasy game aficionado, LeagueX is an easy-to-use and entertaining platform for showcasing your sports knowledge and abilities.

FAQs: Best Fantasy Apps To Play World Cup

1. Is there a fantasy app with low competition?

Low-Competition Fantasy Cricket Apps
Fantasy Akhada.
Kubera fantasy.

2. Fan2Play is safe to use, right?

As Fan2Play’s Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football games are a ‘Game of Skill’, it is legal and safe to play

3. What is the best fantasy app?

MPL (Mobile Premier League) is the best fantasy app with many contests like Head-to-Head, WTA – 3 user contests and more, where fantasy users have a high chance to win.

4. Is there a brand ambassador for which fantasy app?

There are over 11 million users of the fantasy cricket game Dream11 who receive daily awards, including MS Dhoni, Hardik Pandya, and Jasprit Bumrah as brand ambassadors.

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Playing fantasy apps with other people during the World Cup 2023 is a fantastic way to enhance your sports experience. You can take part in tournaments or bet on individual games, adding an extra layer of enjoyment and anticipation. We’ve listed some of our top-rated fantasy apps that will make playing during the tournament even more thrilling! Check them out if you want to increase your chances of winning big or just for additional entertainment this World Cup season.

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