Best Without Investment Earn Money Apps in India 2024

Are you looking for the Best Without Investment Earn Money Apps in India 2024? Do you want to monetize your time spent on smartphones?

Users can earn easy money with zero investment by using money-earning apps, which are available on the web or on mobile devices. In addition to instant cashback, exclusive perks, personalised offers, cashable coins, and more, users can complete simple tasks in their spare time to earn lucrative rewards. Also, blockbuster prizes can be won by participating in premium contests or completing high-value tasks.

In addition to side hustles and part-time jobs, side money-earning apps contribute to the gig economy by enabling users to earn extra money from home. So, let’s read our today’s article best without investment earn money apps in India.

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Without Investment Earn Money Apps

Detailed Analysis Of Without Investment Earn Money Apps

Additionally, they offer play-to-earn fantasy games, daily competitions, scratch cards, treasure boxes, etc., with special giveaways and big money rewards without any investment.

As India’s real money-earning app market is competitive with zillion players, we have evaluated and ranked the best money-earning apps in India for 2024 based on factors like user-friendliness, download ability, features, and speed.

Below, we’ve highlighted the distinctive features of each app.

Working Process Of Best Without Investment Earn Money Apps

Students and people of all ages can earn money using money-earning apps in India, which are legit sources of supplementary income. Users are rewarded through cashback, referral bonuses, gift coupons, free recharges, amazing deals, or limited-time premium memberships to partner apps at a fraction of the cost.

In addition, most money-earning apps credit a specified amount of redeemable coins or cash to new users’ accounts or UPI wallets. You can also use the coins to pay entry fees for mega-jackpot contests, championships, sports predictions, etc.

In addition, money-making apps depend on user loyalty, so they keep adding value-added features, affiliate links, do-to-earn activities, and play-to-win games to entice users. To gain a competitive edge, they also regularly revise client management policies, user retention mechanisms, and redemption procedures.

How To SignUp On Money Earning Apps [Step by Step]

Signing up for Indian online money-earning apps is straightforward and hassle-free, and there are no sign-up fees or investment requirements. Below are the steps or general guidelines for registering on these platforms in India.

  • You can download the application from the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.
  • Sign up with your email address, phone number, Google account, or Facebook account.
  • For verification of the registered mobile number, click the verification link sent to the registered mobile number. Some apps require captcha verification as well.
  • To receive the income earned from the apps, set up a bank account or wallet. Most apps require Paytm.
  • Update your profile to receive tailored offers, rewards, notifications, and exceptional opportunities to win.

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Best Without Investment Earn Money Apps

Fantasy AppsDownload Link
1. Google PayDownload Google Pay
2. Roz DhanDownload Roz Dhan
3. MooCashDownload MooCash
4. LocoDownload Loco
5. TaskbucksDownload Taskbucks
6. Google Opinion RewardsDownload Google Opinion Rewards
7. MeeshoDownload Meesho
8. CashbuddyDownload Cashbuddy
9. SB AnswerDownload SB Answer
10. Pocket MoneyDownload Pocket Money

1. Google Pay- The Safest Money-Earning App In India

Google Pay is a digital payments app that aims to build a robust, scalable, and transparent online transaction ecosystem for accelerating e-commerce adoption in the country. With UPI’s power, it revolutionises the country’s virtual payments sphere and continuously works to build and upgrade e-payment solutions for billions of users.

From 1M Indian Rupee transactions in 2017 to 100M Indian Rupee transactions in 2024, Google Pay has made gigantic strides since its inception. With a state-of-the-art security infrastructure, Google Pay is India’s best and safest real money-earning app for instantaneous money transfers, mutual fund investments, and insurance purchases.

Moreover, every transaction allows you to win attractive cashback or vouchers, subscriptions, discount coupons, or customised deals on branded platforms or products. Additionally, the more people you refer to the app, the greater your chances of winning. Google Pay is the best without investment earn money apps in India because of it’s referral and scratch card feature.


  • PCI-DSS certified by SISA.
  • Cybercrime protection partners, fraud detection cell, and PIN, password, face ID, or fingerprint authentication.
  • Micro apps are included.
  • Guaranteed cashback.
  • Lots of contests are held here.

2. RozDhan Earn Fast Cash With This Top-Notch Entertainment App

A reliable online money-making app, Roz Dhan offers users free cash rewards for logging in and completing listed tasks. With 2.5 crore users, it pays Rs 50+ for logging in and additional money for completing tasks. Moreover, users can withdraw their earnings after checking into the app for two consecutive days, provided their cash prizes have reached Rs 300.

In addition, users will be able to redeem 250, 2500, 12500, 25000, or 50000 coins in one go starting in June 2022. You can also burn calories and stay fit while earning money if you invite friends and relatives. Do you think RozDhan is the best without investment earn money apps in India? Please comment down below.


  • For new users, there is a bonus pack of Rs 100 or a big gift bag.
  • For seven consecutive days of using the app, a special new user event offers 3000+ coins.
  • You can use energy points to increase task participation time, withdraw cash early, etc.
  • Joining fees are not required.

3. MooCash – Global Cash-Giving App With 100+ Countries Of Presence

As an online real money-earning app, MooCash pays rewards in cash, Bitcoin, or prepaid recharge vouchers for completing micro-jobs. Besides, users can win free Talktime, game codes, and special passes.

When you complete a given task, MooCash coins will be credited to your MooCash account. After you accumulate 3000 coins, you can cash them out. You can also use the coins to win mega prizes such as exclusive MooCash merchandise, earphones, FIFA editions, etc., by purchasing tickets for lucky draws. For instance, to unlock Facebook-related tasks, you must screenshot your Facebook profile and ensure it meets the specified eligibility requirements.


  • A gift card from Amazon, Google, Flipkart, iTunes, Steam, or mobile9.
  • MooJoy, MooBucks, and MooLuck sister platforms offer power-ups like gems.
  • Donation cashback.
  • Bonuses for referrals up to 10% per year.
  • Membership in the VIP club.
  • PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer are supported.
  • AdscendMedia, Peanut Labs, and PollFish are affiliate partners.
  • Watch-time boost to improve users’ Youtube rankings, iOS and Android app reviews for geo-targeting, and increased social media followers.

4. Loco- Indian Platform For Earning Free Money

In order to transform online gaming entertainment in India and make it accessible to everyone, Loco created a social experience platform for virtual battlegrounds and gaming metaverses. Additionally, it enhances fan experiences and helps gamers build dedicated communities, making them overnight sensations. For gamers, streamers, and viewers alike, it’s a place to meet.

With this online money-earning gaming app, you can win jaw-dropping prizes. You can play single-player or multiplayer games, and you can earn additional rewards by answering in-game quizzes correctly. Loco lets users earn Google Play vouchers for the money they earn.


  • Watch India’s top streamers and gamers live.
  • Since June 2020, monthly active users have increased by 6x, streamers have increased by 10x, and real-time viewing hours have increased by 48x.
  • Streamed games include Minecraft, Call of Duty, BGMI, Mortal Kombat, Ludo, and many others.
  • Branded partners and investors such as Logitech, RedBull, PacMan, Oreo, Krafton, etc.
  • Originals from Loco.
  • Tournaments and leagues.
  • No membership fees or joining fees are needed.

5. TaskBucks- An App for Mobile-Only Tasks that are Beginner-Friendly

With Taskbucks, you can share opinions and reviews about new products or engage with existing ones. You can redeem rewards like Paytm/Mobikwik cash, free mobile recharges/data packs, etc., by accepting hot offers or completing daily challenges in one of India’s most reliable and best without investment earn money apps in India.


  • Daily login, spin-the-wheel, sharing videos/Taskbucks updates with contacts, and phone boost challenges.
  • A referral reward of Rs 60+ is given every day.
  • Earn up to Rs 15K monthly with zero fees, no minimum wallet balance, and unlimited redemptions with Taskbucks Pro.
  • Tune, AppsFlyer, JRI, and Singular are the major partners.
  • More than 250 brands are available.
  • There is no registration fee or investment required to join.

6. Google Opinion Rewards India- Share Your Feedback and Earn Money

With Google opinion rewards India, users can earn rewards for sharing valuable feedback on products, services, places, etc. Users get notified on their registered mobile numbers when a survey is awaiting their response. If you loves to participate in polls or quizzes then Google Opinion Rewards will be the best without investment earn money apps in India for you.


  • Usually 2-3 questions in short surveys.
  • For every completed survey you will receive Google Play or Paypal credits worth Rs 32.20.
  • Brands can improve their offerings by using it.
  • Online purchases can be made using reward credits.

7. Meesho- To Start An Entrepreneurial Journey With Zero Investment Using The Best Money Earning App

There are more than 700 product categories available on Meesho, an Indian e-commerce platform offering budget-friendly shopping. Among the most popular categories are clothing for men, women, and kids, ethnic wear, western wear, fashion wear, footwear, and accessories. Among the items available are jewellery, bags, personal care & wellness, electronics, newborn necessities, kitchenware, pet supplies, books, sports & fitness, musical instruments, and more. Not only I, but a lot of users will agree that Meesho is the best without investment earn money apps in India for all users.


  • More than 1 crore high-quality items are available.
  • Pricing and shipping costs are nominal.
  • Setting up an online store does not require any investment.
  • From the date of delivery, there is a 7-day payment cycle for suppliers.
  • Supports 28K+ pin codes.
  • Supplier catalogue manager.
  • Cancellations or delays are not subject to penalties.

8. Cashbuddy- Indians can gain daily Paytm cash with this Android app

If you are looking for the easiest and the best without investment earn money apps in India then Cashbuddy is for you. There is no doubt that DataBuddy is the oldest money earner in India, with a leading position in Paytm cash. Cashbuddy is its mobile app. In Cashbuddy, users can sort trending/live offers by popularity, number of downloads, payouts, and latest to oldest.

You can also win cashback, hot deals, and discounts when you shop on Amazon, Tata Cliq, Myntra, Flipkart, Croma, Zivame, etc., via Cashbuddy. Moreover, users can avail of special coupons on various product categories such as gadgets, clothing, finance, kids & babies, travel & tourism, home decor, food & beverages, etc.


  • Sports, action, rummy, adventure, arcade, puzzles, racing, and strategy games are available.
  • Check-in coin rewards for 7 days.
  • More than 100 online partners.

9. SB Answer- Earn more by Playing Quizzes, Solving Riddles, and More.

Swagbucks is one of the top money-making apps that lets you earn money by playing quizzes, solving riddles, and more. The app lets you switch between news and promotional ads so you can earn more credits. Also, paid surveys allow you to share your opinions and ideas in exchange for money. In the app, you can get an upper edge by sharing beliefs, earning by sharing receipts, shopping online to earn more, and receiving bonuses and offers accordingly.


  • Good Features.
  • Cash is credited to the linked Paytm wallet after redemption.
  • All mobile networks are supported.
  • Allows offline browsing.

10. Pocket Money- Win Talk time by Playing

TaskBucks is the app for you. It allows you to earn coins by participating in games and quizzes. The coins you earn can then be converted into cash. Furthermore, you can participate in simple tasks, competitions, and free recharge. In addition, you can win complimentary talk time if you recommend Taskbucks to people in your connection. In addition, you can earn 10,000 coins a day on average using this money-earning app. I think it’s one of the best without investment earn money apps in India.


  • Earn by referring others.
  • Take part in a quiz and win 50 rupees.
  • Earn money by installing apps.
  • Get a Bonus when you sign up.
  • Free Recharge.
  • Take part in the daily contest to earn money.
  • Paytm Instant Redeem.

FAQs: Best Without Investment Earn Money Apps

1. What are the bad and good sight of money earning apps?

Indian money-earning platforms have many benefits and have emerged as an additional revenue stream, but they also have some limitations. Below we list their pros and cons to help you decide whether to use them.
Good Sights:
It’s easy to start, navigate these apps, and withdraw income. Additionally, income-generating apps have automated features to track your progress, earnings, coin balances, and completed tasks.
Their security policies, servers, anti-phishing alerts, and safety systems protect confidential user information, such as bank details, wallet account data, and personal information.
Users can complete as many tasks as they want in a day. Furthermore, they are in charge of their own schedules and deadlines.
You gain general knowledge as you watch informative videos, read news snippets, and attempt quizzes to earn income.
Bad Sights:
iOS devices do not support all apps.
These apps earn meagre incomes on average.
In the absence of withdrawal within the set period, income cannot be withdrawn until it reaches the prescribed minimum.
Monotonous activities consume a lot of time.

2. How to earn Rs 500 per day?

You can start a blog and post articles about a variety of topics to it. This work can also be done from your phone. If you don’t have any money, you can still start a blog.

3. How to make money?

Here are some ideas to earn money
Send out a newsletter.
Learn how to start an e-commerce business.
Become an affiliate marketer.
Learn how to become an influencer.
Create a blog.
Make a YouTube channel.
Create an Etsy store.
Create an ebook and publish it.

Conclusion: Without Investment Earn Money Apps

Overall, there are so many great earnings apps now available for Indian users. With these best without investment earn money apps in India, you can make money without any investment at all and with ease. They offer excellent opportunities to build a side income stream or even potentially replace your current job full-time. Choose the app that best fits your goals and start making extra money today – without investing anything at all. Thanks for visiting our site.

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