Best 2nd Innings Fantasy Apps in India 2024

Those of you who are looking to play fantasy leagues to earn real cash are in for a treat. Every month or two, a new fantasy app launches in India. These apps have low competition and require very little investment. Each month, fantasy apps try to provide unique features that aren’t available in old and popular apps such as Dream11.

During the second innings, the user has the option to play fantasy league even after the match has started. This article talks about 2nd Innings Fantasy Apps. If you want to play fantasy cricket, you can make a new fantasy team after the first inning is over.’

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Define 2nd Innings Fantasy Apps

When an app offers the option to play a fantasy league after a match has begun, it is considered a 2nd innings fantasy app. Fantasy league contests for the second inning will begin to appear once the first inning is finished. To earn real cash, participants must create a fantasy team and join fantasy leagues.

How to Play? Fantasy App 2nd Inning Contest

A step-by-step guide to playing the 2nd inning contest:

  • The 2nd Innings Fantasy App must be updated. To get the second innings feature, download any app from the above list or update the app to the latest version.
  • Open any fantasy app with the 2nd innings feature and sign up or log in.
  • Select any match and switch to the 2nd Innings tab next to the full match tab.
  • You can now create a separate team for the second innings, choosing from the 14-odd players instead of the 22 for the rest of the match.
  • Join any fantasy league using the created team and pay the joining fee.

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2nd Innings Fantasy Apps

Fantasy AppReferral BonusDownload Link
1. League11 ₹100 Download League11
2. Vision11 ₹100+20% Lifetime CommissionDownload Vision11
3. PlayerzPot ₹50 Download PlayerzPot
4. BalleBaazi ₹50 Download BalleBaazi
5. Fan2play ₹100 Download Fan2play
6. My11Circle ₹551Download My11Circle
7. MyTeam11 ₹50 Download MyTeam11
8. Real11 up to ₹5000 Download Real11

1. League11

You can create your team and play full-match leagues on League11, a fantasy platform for cricket, football and basketball. Recently, they added a 2nd innings feature for their players to increase earning opportunities. With this feature, players will be able to join leagues after a match has started. The second innings of the match, which begins after the break or half-time, can be created as a separate team from the normal league.

Users must click on the 2nd innings tab to join the match in the contest section once the match begins. The leaderboard will also begin when the 2nd innings begins. However, when the match begins, the innings will be locked up, and the points will be shown.

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2. Vision11

In the fantasy industry, Vision11 is catching up with new features such as 2nd innings. To see this feature, update to the latest version of Vision11 APK. You can play 2nd innings the same way you play full-match fantasy leagues. Use the Vision11 referral code to get a signup bonus of Rs. 100 and begin earning real money on Vision11 fantasy sports.

3. PlayerzPot

As one of the earliest adopters of 2nd innings features, PlayerzPot is an old fantasy sports app where earning money is quite easy. Points are calculated the same way as for regular matches on PlayerzPot. You can earn an instant Rs. 50 signup bonus in the PlayerzPot wallet only if you download the PlayerzPot APK and use the PlayerzPot referral code during registration.

4. BalleBaazi

BalleBaazi is a fantasy cricket app where you can create your team and win real cash. They recently added more ways to earn money, such as second innings. Once the first inning is over, players are allowed to create a second fantasy league team to play.

If you forget to make your fantasy team for the full match, you will be given a second chance to do so before the second innings begins. Test matches allow you to separate your teams for the third and fourth innings. If you are a new user, you can claim a free Rs. 100 bonus if you use BalleBaazi’s referral code.

5. Fan2Play

It offers more excitement, and higher chances of winning, and is the best new feature in the daily fantasy sports industry. Fan2Play believes 2nd Innings Fantasy is the mantra to success. For new users, you have an opportunity to earn a Rs. 100 bonus by using the Fan2Play invite code after updating the latest version of the Fan2Play APK. The process is quite easy and similar to the traditional full-match leagues.

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6. My11Circle

This fantasy app is known for its uniqueness since it introduced second innings and live fantasy to the fantasy sports industry in India. Players enjoy one of the best user interfaces.

Go to the Second Innings tab on the match page of the My11Circle fantasy app and create your Second Innings team. If you are new to the My11Circle fantasy cricket app, please download the latest version of the My11Circle and use the Gamezy referral code during registration to claim free Rs. 100 bonus cash.

7. Myteam11

In addition to the Dream11 fantasy app, MyTeam11 also offers 2nd innings leagues upon their users’ request. Get a Rs. 100 signup bonus if you download or update to the latest version of My Team 11 APK  using our MyTeam 11 referral code. To play the second innings you have to go to the home menu and click on live matches, if in this live match, the Second Innings option is available then simply click on it and join the contest.

8. Real11

With Real 11 APK, you can now create fantasy teams even for the second innings of a game, where there is low competition and higher rewards. Even if you missed out on a full match or couldn’t create a proper team, you’ll get another chance in the second innings. The second innings in Real11 work exactly like full-match leagues.

Then, during the break of 10 – 30 minutes, you must create your team and join the 2nd innings league. If you haven’t already joined Real11 then you can get a Rs. 50 signup bonus by using this referral code.

FAQs: 2nd Innings Fantasy Apps

1. In Gamezy, how do you play the second innings?

When you click the Second Innings tab on the match page, you can create your Second Innings team. You have 100 credits to create your team, so you can spend your credits on the players of your choice and add them to your team. Each player has a credit value, so you can add them to your team by clicking on the “Create team” button.

2. What is the legal status of Vision 11 in India?

Vision11 legal by the Public Gambling Act of 1867 excludes games of skill from the ambit of Indian gambling legislation.

3. Does Dream11 give 1 crore?

A seventh-class student from Murgud in Kolhapur district has won Rs 1 crore after creating a winning team on the Dream11 fantasy gaming app. On January 24, Saksham Bajirao Kumbhar led a team that played in Indore against New Zealand for the third ODI.

4. What is the difference between Dream11 and Vision11?

Dream11 will be the best in terms of activities and rewards. However, Vision11 will be the best in terms of competition because Dream11 has a lot of competition.

5. Does any fantasy app offer free entry?

The Dream11 app is the market’s leading free fantasy sports app. You can download the app and play fantasy cricket without paying anything for the subscription.


2nd Innings Fantasy apps offer something for everyone, whether you’re experienced in fantasy gaming or just looking for an exciting new way to engage in professional sports. Give it a shot – you won’t regret it.

It offers a unique way to play fantasy sports by allowing players to draft their teams, which makes the game even more challenging while still being easy to use and understand. Online Fantasy has a risk of fraud so carefully choose your platform and play at your own risk. Give your suggestion on 2nd Innings Fantasy Apps in the comment section.

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